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Ultrasonic generator 40 kHz


Technical details :

Frequency : 40 kHz

Power : 250 W

Dimensions : 300 x 255 x 120 h mm

Weight : 8 Kg



The ultrasonic portable generator SMALLD40 is light and versatile , used in the textile sector for ultrasonic cutting and sealing of synthetic fabrics, in the plastic sector for welding plastic components, in the food sector with titanium blades.

All these application fields make SMALLD40  one of the most efficient generator on the market. 


SMALLD40  is equipped with an  LCD frontal control panel, which allows the regulation of the parameters of amplitude and power, offering the possibility to modify the welding and cooling time .   


In the latest version, it has been integrated the possibility to weld with energy mode : setting the setting the threshold parameters, it is possible to have a  quality control  of the weld during the process.


The tools which can be used with the SMALLD40 ultrasonic generator are:


•   Linear cutting structure

Ideal for ultrasonic  longitudinal cut operations. 
The design of this structure is studied for an easy installation on  cutting benches , thanks to the two sliding wheels and the steel plate with special hardening treatment .


•   Plastic hand grip for free cutting :

The plastic handgrip is light and versatile .
It is designed to grant the  free movement of the hand during the process of cutting synthetic fabrics.
Thanks to the plastic handgrip , complete of transducer 40 kHz and steel sonotrode, it is possible to cut every kind of shape without any problem.


•   Aluminium handgrip :

The aluminium handgrip is developed for an easy installation on every kind of  automatic implants , such as anthropomorphic structures or ultrasonic cutting bench, implants for ultrasonic riveting and implants for ultrasonic spot welding


•   Cutting structure for stenters:

This structure is compact and easy to install on looms or  stenters .

It is possible to change the counter wheel in order to change the different cutting angles, according to the thickness of the material to be cut.
Ideal for ultrasonic cutting and sealing of synthetic fabrics, non-woven cutting and sealing and selvedge cutting and sealing.


•   Pistol handgrip:

Ideal for ultrasonic spot welding or ultrasonic riveting of big complex components.
Thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for small mass production.


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