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Slitting Frame

Ultrasonic slitting frame for continuous cutting 40 and 20 kHz


This special ultrasonic slitting frame developed by Sonic Italia is available in both 40 and 20 kHz versions and it is designed to be easily installed on looms, stenters, andcalenders.


It is possible to use the 40 kHz cutting frame with every 40 kHz generators.

It is possible to use the 20 kHz cutting frame with every 20 kHz generators.


Once installed, the ultrasonic structure allows cutting in a linear and continuous way a big variety of acrylics.


Using this machine branded Sonic Italia, it is possible not only to obtain a clean and precise cut: thanks to the ultrasonic vibrations, the edge of the fabric gets instantaneously coagulated during the cutting process, preventing unraveling.


The frequency of the slitting frame is suggested by the technical department of Sonic Italia after an accurate an analysis of the material to cut.


According to the frequency, the parameters set on the generator, the model of counter wheel and the characteristics of the material, it is possible to reach very high speed of cuts/minute.

Selvedge cutting and welding at high speed is only one of the advantages of ultrasonic cutting technology. 

Available both for vertical and horizontal cutting.

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