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SF-6350 is a pneumatic slide 20 kHz


Technical details

Weight : 15 Kg

Dimensions : 750 x 160 x h230 mm


Description :

This special pneumatic slide is developed to   facilitate the installation on one or more ultrasonic vibrating groups in automatic implants.


Technical features :


  • Cylinder  with diameter  63 mm  with position and altitude
  • Stroke 50 mm
  • Guide rail with shoe
  • Spring return
  • Adjustable mechanical stop
  • Plate for fixture for customization
  • Changeable sonotrode and anvil


Thanks to the special sliding guides with shoe, the pneumatic slide SF6350 grants process repetitiveness and high precision.

The pneumatic cylinder has diameters variables from  50 – 63 – 80 mm granting pressure up to 3.5 Newton .

Sonotrode and anvil are changeable and give to this pneumatic slide a special versatility , allowing it to be suitable to work on different materials in different application sectors.

Solid and reliable, the pneumatic slide  SF6350  is suggested for the integration of ultrasonic  vibrating groups into industrial automation lines

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