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Ultrasonic sewing machine, frequency 40 and 20 kHz



Dimensions : 85 x 55 x 130h cm

Weight : 95 Kg



Dimensions : 82 x 51 x 127h cm

Weight : 105 Kg


SC40 ed SC20  are two versions of the digital ultrasonic sewing machine for synthetic fabrics and thermoplastic materials.

The only difference between the two versions is the frequency , 40 and 20 kHz.


This machine is designed and realized using the most recent technologies and, most of all, trying to make it easy for the operator to use it thanks to the digital system for setting parameters with all its variants, like frequency, power, and ultrasonic delay.


It is also possible to set the speed (rpm) and the unit of the pneumatic pressure of the sonotrode  on the counter wheel. 

It is possible to obtain a perfect result welding non-woven fabrics for disposal and medical industry.

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