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Pistol Handgrip

The manual pistol handgrip is available in the 20 e 40 kHz versions.


The choice of the frequency is studied according to the diameters of the welding point , the thickness of the materials and the geometries .


If used with a sonotrode for spot welding , this manual handgrip is ideal for ultrasonic s pot welding operations on thermoformed plastic, PPVC conveyor belts, blisters, automotive components and acrylics.


Utilizzando un sonotrodo da taglio , invece, l’ impugnatura manuale a pistola da 20 kHz si propone come soluzione anche per il taglio manuale di tessuti sintetici di notevole grammatura, quali tappeti e moquettes.

Using a cutting sonotrode , the manual pistol handgrip 20 kHz is the perfect solution to cut manually thick synthetic fabrics , such as carpets.


The manual pistol handgrip 20 kHz  can be used with every 40 kHz generators .
The manual pistol handgrip 20 kHz can be used with every 20 kHz generators .


Sonotrodes are exchangeable in both versions.

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