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Manual Handgrip

The manual plastic handgrip is light and handy.


It is designed to be used for long lasting working shifts of cutting and welding operations .


The plastic handgrip contains different kinds of transducers with different diameters, containing piezoelectric ceramics .


The movement of the ceramics, activated by the electrical energy of the ultrasonic generator , creates vibrations that are transferred to the sonotrode - the part in direct contact with the product to be cut or welded - allowing to cut or weld in a really clean and precise way .


The manual handgrip can be used with every 40 kHz generator.


The sontorodes which are used with the plastic handgrip are interchangeable and can be designed according to the customer' s needs.


On request, Sonic Italia provides also a connection cable , length from 3,5 up to 10 meters.

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