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Linear Cutting Structure

Ultrasonic linear cutting structure 40 kHz


The linear cutting structure is the ideal solution for a longitudinal and precise cut on fabrics


It is possible to use it with any 40 kHz generator, it is provided with a transducer containing piezoelectric ceramics and cutting steel sonotrode "machete" shaped.           


This structure is developed to be installed on cutting tables, thanks to the presence of two sliding wheels applied on the base of the structure, which allows it to freely slide inside a sliding guide.


This tool, together with the sliding guides, creates a valid alternative for a cutting table, permitting to optimize the space exploiting the advantages of ultrasonic technology: clean and fast cutting and welding, with no toxic fumes.


Optional: aluminum sliding guides for the linear cutting structure to be installed on the workbench. Available from 1 up to 10 meters.

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