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Ultrasonic cutting kit


KTT40 is the ultrasonic kit developed by Sonic Italia to manually cut synthetic fabrics.


Cutting acrylics has never been so easy.


Ultrasonic manual cutting kit designed by Sonic Italia allows having a clean cut with no fraying:  thanks to the ultrasonic vibrations , the synthetic fabric not only is cut, but it is automatically sealed on the edge, which prevents it from fraying.  


Thanks to the ultrasound it is possible to cut and weld acrylic materials of different nature, such as kevlar, acrylics, PVC, polyester, non-woven, screen and blends of synthetic fabrics and cotton.


Ultrasonic cutting is the faster and cleanest on the market, which allows working without burning or toxic fumes .

Manageability and the user-friendliness are the markers of this ultrasonic kit.

Therefore, the ultrasonic generator is designed to automatically understand the amplitude of the vibration , according to the kind of fabrics and its GSM .


KTT40 is composed by:


•   Linear cutting structure :

Ideal for longitudinal ultrasonic cutting:
Its design is ideal for an easy installation on cutting tables and thanks to the two sliding wheels and a steel plate with special hardening treatment.

Plastic handgrip for free shape cutting :

The plastic handgrip is light and versatile.

Designed to be flexible in the movement of ultrasonic cut and ultrasonic cut and welding of every thermoplastic material.

Thanks to the plastic handgrip, complete of 40 kHz transducer and ogive cutting sonotrode it is possible to realize any kind of cutting without limit of length.

Optional : aluminum sliding guides  for the linear cutting structureto be installed on cutting tables .

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