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Ultrasonic kit for spot welding


KMB40 is an ultrasonic kit developed by Sonic Italia and it is ideal for  manual spot welding .


Light and handy, this kit is complete of generator - 40 kHz frequency, pistol handgrip 40 kHz frequency and protection suitcase offers its main efficiency in repairing conveyor belts used in the poultry industry.


The pistol handgrip is light and ergonomic , the generator is easy to use , allowing to realize welding point with 8 mm diameter in a few tenths of a second on manure belt conveyors


The pistol handgrip and the sonotrode are designed for manure and eggs belts conveyors welding


Not only it will be possible to cut the cost of adhesives and glue, but thanks to the ultrasonic kit for conveyor belts, also the costs for assistance or maintenance will be reduced .

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