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Digital ultrasonic generator 20 kHz


Tecnical details

Frequency : 20 kHz

Power : from 1000 to 3000 W

Dimensions : 497 x 425 x 170h mm



The ultrasonic generator model  ELMD/str can be used with different kind of 20 kHz transducers, allowing the management of both small and big sonotrodes.


The special aspect of the generator   ELMD/str  is its high quality  analogic electronics .


The setting of the generator  ELMD/str is  fully managed thanks to the digital frontal panel , with a firmware which is specifically created for the standard welding operations and for the parameters management of the ultrasonic vibrating unit,  installed in automatic implants.  


In the latest version, it has been integrated the possibility to weld with energy mode: setting the setting the threshold parameters , it is possible to have a quality control of the weld during the process.

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