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Digital ultrasonic generator 20 kHz


Technical details

Frequency : 20 kHz
Power : up to 200W 
Dimensions : 485 x 425 x 165h mm
Weight : 26 Kg


Description :

ELMD20  is a compact high-performance generator.
With its robust aluminium carpentry, it is mainly used and applied on automatic systems and in advanced robotisation processes. 


Its extreme flexibility allows it to be used in manual systems with pistol handgrips such as clinching, riveting and ultrasonic insertions.

Specifically for the food sector, ELMD20 generator equipped with the titanium blade, it is the most indicated for the integration in automatic systems used for the ultrasonic cutting of food products

The power of this generator, which can reach up to 2000W , grants a wide welding surface, which allows creating and using sonotrodes of greater dimensions, compared to a 40 kHz generator.


The generator ELMD20 supports standard equipment , such as:


 Cutting structures for frames :

This structure is ideal for ultrasonic splicing rolls, which means cutting and sealing of thick synthetic materials. 
Thanks to this characteristic of being able to cut materials of considerable grammage, ELMD20 generator is particularly indicated for the cutting of carpets.


•   Pistol handgrip :

This kind of handgrip is developed for the ultrasonic spot welding or riveting operations on components with complex design and big dimensions.

Thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for small mass production.

The diameter of the welding can reach 40 mm.

The pistol handgrip can be used also in the food sector with the titanium blades with medium dimensions (up to 200 mm) for ultrasonic food slicing and cutting, mainly used in the bakery sector.


•   Pneumatic slide :

Equipped with a special protective shell for the vibrating group, it is ideal for an easy installation on automatic implants.

According to the application' s needs, the technical staff of Sonic Italia suggests the most indicated model of pneumatic slide.

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