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Ultrasonic Packaging Sealing

Ultrasonic solutions for packaging.

The packaging sector is where ultrasonic technology finds a very wide range of applications: installing ultrasonic sealing systems on a  classic line, it is possible to seal and cut plastic made packages of any kind and dimensions, from tubes to thermoformed blisters.

During the process, the sonotrode is cold, thus avoiding going to affect heat-sensitive products.

Furthermore, this “cold process” allows limit maintenance and the cleaning cost of the machinery, since the tool is not contaminated by any particles.

Therefore, ultrasonic sealing not only grants an optimization of the productive times but also ensures aesthetic and strength qualities.

Ultrasonic applications in the packaging field


Different kind of ultrasonic systems and digital generators have been developed for this sector.


The solutions where ultrasonic technology is most commonly applied are:


  • Step by step welding;
  • Continuous welding (on vertical and horizontal flow pack machines);
  • Welding of multilayer films (aluminium with low, medium or high-density polyethylene);
  • Sealing of blisters made of PET, PBT, PVC;
  • Welding of injection moulded parts;
  • Sealing of caps in beverage industry;


Advantages of ultrasonic sealing in the packaging field


A very important advantage offered by the use of ultrasounds is the possibility to achieve a perfect result on contaminated surfaces as well.


Ultrasounds are reliable, safe and the processes are replicable on a very wide range of food.


Some of the main advantages are, among others:


  • Shorter welding and cooling times
  • Increased production speed;
  • Lower energy costs;
  • High quality welding in contaminated area;
  • No warm up time
  • Maintenance or cleaning routines not required;
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cold and safe equipment

Ultrasonic welding of resealable bag

Ultrasonic welding solution to be integrated in automation line for welding step by step the edge of the mini grip. Ultrasonic is the fast and reliable solution for packaging

Semi-automatic system for transparent PVC containers

Rotary system for transparent PVC packaging production.
Ultrasonic welding of protective film of carpets horizontal flowpack.

Corrugated plastic ultrasonic welding

Corrugated containers welding, used in hospital sector.

Ultrasonic welding of packaging made on plastic

Our welders are perfectly integrates on really high production installations. Ultrasonic welding is absolutely the most efficient when big production quantities are needed.

Ultrasonic VHHF module

Ultrasonic welding module installed on a vertical Flowpack VHHF.

Ultrasonic cement bags valve sealing

Ultrasonic cement bags valve sealing. Perfect welding even in presence of powder.

Ultrasonic welding of PET blister packaging

Ultrasonic welding on transparent packaging like, in this case, PVC, is fast efficient and good looking.
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