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Ultrasonic Food Slicing

The ultrasonic blades manufactured by Sonic Italia for the food industry guarantee a clean and precise ultrasonic slicing without affecting in any way the homogeneity of the product, be it soft or with an interior part with ingredients such as fats, sugars, honey, creams and chocolate, like in many types of sweets.


Moreover, ultrasonic food cutting systems are used by systems manufacturers of the diary industry for normal and hard cheeses difficult to slice.


Ultrasonic knives may vary in length and height, depending on each customer’ s requirements.
They are manufactured of titanium and abide by all health and organoleptic standards of CE safety laws in the field of automation.


In Sonic Italia’ s digital generators for ultrasonic food slicing systems, there’ s the possibility to raise, lower and modify the working parameters, such as amplitude, power output and time management.


For food ultrasonic slicing applications to be integrated into automated production lines, Sonic Italia offers vibrating groups with different frequencies, variating between 20 kHz, 30 kHz and 40 KHz, depending on your final customer’ s requirements, preserving the safety and the absence of noise in the production stage.


Why choosing slicing food with ultrasounds


Following below, are the main characteristics:


  • Non-stick knife thanks to the ultrasounds (20 KHz)
  • Perfectly clean cutting surface;
  • Compact system with a wide range of applications;
  • Machines assembled following your requirements;
  • Wide range of products that can be cut without changing blade;
  • No limitation of diameter, weight or thickness;
  • Washable and easy to maintain;
  • Max lenght of a single blade: about 300 mm;
  • Max lenght of blades in series 600/1200mm;
  • High speed: 60 to 120 cuts/min;
  • Blades working frequency: 20 KHz


Characteristics of the ultrasonic blades


Shapes and dimensions of the knife are studied by our technical department of Sonic Italia  taking into account the following data:

  • Food’ s thickness;
  • Ingredients;
  • Dimensions;
  • Density and other special features of the product.


Example of food which can be sliced using ultrasonic technology


  • Cheese;
  • Energy bars;
  • Chocolate bars;
  • Nougat;
  • Cheesecakes;
  • Roll cakes;
  • Spongecakes;
  • Halva cakes;
  • Turkish delights



Ultrasonic cutting system in line of wet suger dough

Ultrasonic cutting system 1200 mm, linear cutting composed by 4 titanium blades 310 mm. Ultrasonic cutting keeps the blades clean.

Portable ultrasonic cutter

The ultrasonic portable cutter is very useful for the companies with small production quantities like industrial bakeries or catering agencies, but it is much appreciated also by high level kitchen chefs.

The most classic applications of ultrasonic cutting in food industry

Ultrasonic blades are a really efficient alternative to the mechanical cut for different kind of food.

Full wave ultrasonic cutting blade for cheese slicing

Full wave blades are ideal in the cheese field for ultrasonic cutting of thick, hard and/or creamy cheese, round and/or rectangular shaped cheese. The design of the blade is to decide with the final client.
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