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Ultrasonic Filter Welding

Ultrasonic welding: in the ultrasonic industry, filtration is the treatment of materials used to create objects  filtrate air, liquids or dust.


One of the applications in which ultrasonic technology is most commonly efficient is the sewing of filter fabrics finely hatched made of polyamide and with filtration degree at a micrometric level, normally used in the biomedical field.


Ultrasonic technology in the filtration sector


Normally, ultrasonics are used on pleated filters, which, in the majority of situations are made of  thermoplastic materials like polypropylene or with silicon-free treatments, in order to create tubular filters  of various dimensions, according to the use.


The frequencies of the sonotrodes for the ultrasonic applications are determined by the dimensions of the filters.


Sonic Italia offers automatic, semi-automatic or manual ultrasonic welding systems for the filters’ production.


Systems can integrate rotative solutions (electric rotary tables) or linear ones (with brushless motors) both electronically controlled.


The ultrasonic applications developed by Sonic Italia can be used in clean rooms with or without soundproofing system.


Applying the ultrasonic technology it is possible to obtain repeatability, quality and strength
These factors are constant during the ultrasonic welding process.


Furthermore, during the step by step ultrasonic welding process,  the materials are not subjected to stress due to the plastification of the welded areas thanks to the extremely short processing times .


The continuous welding process, instead, grants a homogeneous and linear welding along the entire line, while the speed of the process is determined by the thickness of the fabric and by the surface of the welding area.


The energy consumption is extremely low in both welding processes.


Ultrasonic applications in the filtration industry


With ultrasonic technology it is possible to weld:


  • Single/multi-layered pleated filters;
  • Bag filters;
  • Plastic ring on a tube filter;
  • Air-oil filters ;
  • Filtering nets/fabrics;
  • Outer plastic protection of oil filters;

Medium filtering welding on metallic and/or aluminium frame

Semi-automatic ultrasonic welding system to weld the filtering sheet in the metallic and/or plastic cylindrical structure.

Rotary continuous welding system of pleated filters

This system is designed to weld ultrasonically every model of pleated filters and it much appreciated by the biggest societies of filters. We do continuous welding of pleated monolayer filters up to 7 layers, with 10 to 50 mm fold. The double puller makes it a lot easier work the operator's work. The rotary ultrasonic welding system guarantees a stable welding, continuous, precise and leak-proof!

Ultrasonic welding of felt on oil filters

This ultrasonic welding system is designed and created for societies that need to weld the feld on both side of the oil filter. Sonic creates ultrasonic welding solutions according to the customer's needs.

Ultrasonic welding systema for pocket filter

Sonic Italia gives welding systems to be integrated in specific automations. In this case we weld ultrasonically a plastic structure of poket filters.

Ultrasonic bonding of synthetic fabrics

Ultrasonic technology allows to weld together many layers of fabrics, like nonwoven tissue. Ultrasonic bonding is developed from 250 up to 2000 mm lenght. Using one or more ultrasonic systems in the upper part of the hardened steel moving cylinder with a customized pattern, different layers of fabrics go through the sonotrode and the cylinder, melting together.
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