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Fabrics ultrasonic cutting and sealing

Fabrics: ultrasonic cutting and sealing processes.

The acrylic fibers continue to rise, even in areas which are not strictly related to the textile field such as the filtration industry, disposable items, fabrics for outdoors and medical fabrics.
Consequently, ultrasonic cutting and sewing find more and more space in many fields of application.

For this reason, Sonic Italia has developed a very wide range of solutions for any type of cutting or sewing, customizing the ultrasonic technology not just for manual applications, but also for semi-automatic or fully automated solutions always taking into consideration customers needs and respecting their production standards.

Ultrasonic sealing can be used on fabrics made just of 25% of synthetic fibers, like polyester, viscose or rayon.


Advantages of ultrasounds


Ultrasonic technology guarantees:


  • no fraying
  • no burns on fabrics
  • no emissions of toxic fumes
  • no warm up waiting time 
  • speed up the production time
  • less energy consumption
  • no thread 
  • coupling two fabrics or films
  • simultaneously punching and sealing
  • no selvage
  • simultaneously cutting and sealing 


Thermoplastic fabrics used


The ultrasonic cutting systems are particularly efficient with the synthetic fabrics containing thermoplastic polymers with similar melting temperature and compatible molecular structures. 

These materials have many of the following characteristics:


  • Wide melting range
  • High friction coefficient
  • Uniform thickness
  • At least 25 % of thermoplastic material
  • Sufficient stiffness and thickness to accept the energy on the interface ( minimum 0.0127 inches / 0.0005 inches)


Polyester is considered a very good material for many ultrasonic applications.
However, ultrasounds can generate strong and lasting seams also on both Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6. 


Most polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene), instead, show excellent welding characteristics and are very lightweight.


Ultrasonic hand-held cutter

The portable ultrasonic cutter allows to cut and weld simultaneously any kind of fabrics.

Ultrasonic selvedge cutting

This kind of cutting structure is easy to install on stenters, looms and calenders forhigh speed ultrasonic selvedge cutting. Changing grammage and thickness, it is possible to change the sharpening level of the blades.

Cutting and welding of carpets

Special cutting structure 20 kHz for cutting thick fabrics with grammage over 1000 grams/meter.

Special frame for fabrics

This structure is designed for continuous ultrasonic welding of 8/10 mm thickness and central mechanical cut with interchangeable blade.

Ultrasonic rotary sewing machine model ELM RT35

The rotary ultrasonic sewing machine allows the continuous welding of fabric tissues with high precision and continuity.

Ultrasonic sewing machine model SC 20/40

This ultrasonic sewing machine is the standard model suitable for continuous ultrasonic welding for thin fabrics, but most of all, for no-woven materials.

Ultrasonic welding and cutting belts

Special ultrasonic punching systems and cutting and welding of belts and bands made of thermoplastic materials.

Ultrasonic cutting and welding structure for waving looms

This special cutting and welding structure for raffia is installed on weaving looms.
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