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research development


Sonic Italia offers a wide range of services and assistance, both during and after the sale.

The Research & Development of Sonic Italia is continuously looking for improvement and development of its ultrasonic generators.

The new applications need really high performances, and for this reason using ultrasonic technology to weld the thermoplastic materials has become fundamental.



Sonic Italia offers the thirty years experience to its customers and gives a consultation about the customization of the electronic components.


Starting from the initial design of the Customer, Sonic Italia can realize customized generators, converters, and sonotrodes.


The surplus value is the collaboration with OeMs companies working in the food, automotive and packaging industries, with whom  Sonic Italia can realize multi-head implants in fully automated lines.



Sonic Italia gives to its Customers the knowledge and the 30-years experience in the ultrasonic field, to be able to realize the most recent, state-of-the-art solutions for achieving their targets.


Sonic Italia's mission is to offer to our Customers complete solutions, giving not only the components but real customized turnkey solutions.


Sonic Italia's laboratory is equipped with a wide range of every frequency sonotrodes and it offers the possibility to  run the feasibility tests on the materials and the  study of the welding joints in order to have the best working requirements that the customer needs.


Sonic Italia's high qualified technicians are able to the study and the design of the tools - sonotrode and anvil and they analyze the 3D drawings to very the weldability.




Sonic Italia's post-sales service gives the customers the possibility to receive technical assistance or installation on site in very short times.   

The fist step before visiting the customers in his location,the technical staff carries on an interview, trying to understand the possible damage end, in that case, give immediate help.

Sonic Italia offers to its customers a programmatic-assistance service, doing periodical technical assistance after scheduling the meeting with the customer.














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