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Manure belt welder


Viale de Gasperi, 76
20017 RHO (MI) Italia



Sonic Italia offers a manure belt welder for poultry farms and other industries. Our manure belt welder is used in hundreds of poultry farms world wide and can be used as an egg belt welder as well. Please visit our dedicated webpage

More information on our manure belt welder

The manura belt welder has anti-shock protection and comes in a portable case. It's handy to use and leight weight to carry, and the Sonic Italia manure belt welder is easily reparied and maintained. The generator works with 220 v/ 110v and the cable can be up to 8 meters in order to easily reach all the levels of the battery.

Specifications for the manure belt welder from Sonic Italia

Please browse this list to learn more about the specifications of our popular manure belt welder:

  • 300 x 255 x 150h mm
  • 12 kg
  • feeding 230 v 60/50 hz
  • frequency 40 khz
  • power 250 watt.
  • opportunity to control work’s frequency
  • absorbed power display
  • automatic system ultrasounds’ block
  • front panel at low tension (24 v).
  • special filter against high tension
  • aluminium case.
  • pistol handgrip.
  • cable 3,5 m
  • power transistor oscillator
  • three position deviator (continuous – timer – test) .
  • digital timer.
  • digital milliammeter.


More information on the manure belt welder and Sonic Italia

We would be happy to answer any questions or queries you mught have about Sonic Italia, the manure belt welder or any of our other products or technologies. Please feel free to contact us.



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